The March Update for the Xbox one is Live and here is a list of the features and improvements in the update.

Party Chat audio is turned on by default with cross-game chat available. Move in and out of in-game chat.*

Invite friends to game is back for a quicker way to set up your multiplayer battles.

Recent players list. Easily add new friends after your multiplayer battles.

The power of Xbox Live for Titanfall. Server-based multiplayer experiences come to life with cloud-powered AI creating a new epic battle each time you play.

Xbox One Stereo Headset gives you rich stereo sound and adjustable audio levels.

Xbox One Stereo Adapter is compatible with your favourite headset.**

Twitch broadcasting on Xbox One. Only on Xbox One, just say, "Xbox, broadcast," or watch your favourite games live.

Machinima. Exclusive in-game Wingman via gameplay videos, walk-throughs and more when you say, "Xbox, Snap Machinima".

Support for the Xbox One Media Remote.. Quick access to the One Guide, Blu-ray videos, streaming video, apps, TV power and volume.

Bing instant search now includes web pages and web videos.***

Support for 50Hz TVs and set top boxes.