OK as the title suggests, are you playing the new GTA V? if so what are your thoughts on single player and multi player?

Having played both i have to say i'm really enjoying the story mode, i wasn't too keen on the idea of 3 main characters but the way Rockstar has made them intertwine and work together i'm really pleased that i was proven wrong. I like the fact that there are some elements of red dead redemption and the fact that they have gone back to GTA roots with San Andreas, the fact you can pretty much do everything you could in San Andreas only with additions.

One thing i'm dissapointed in, is the fact theres no car hydrolics or crazy paint jobs like you could have in San Andreas, but i'm so relieved you can dive and swim underwater again.

The online has a MASSIVE improvement from GTA IV, it features and plays more like Red Dead which is always a bonus as that games online was incredibly fun. One thing i was a little disappointed in was the fact there are more customizations in the multiplayer than there is in single player which would of been great if they were in single player too.

So what are your thoughts on the game?

If your on Ps3 add me in game xNeo_Angelox and we can play together.