When you travel, even if its only to work then you always take your keys with you, but what if your keyring could more than just your keys? some people, business poeple or maybe just techies already carry USB drives on their keys to transfer data from place to place or to simply have it with them whereever they are. Having one of these on your keys is a great idea but wy stop at that, there are plenty of things around that can fit on your keys that coulb make your life easier. And you wont have to bulk up your keys with a load of keyrings that you never wanted in the first place just so you dont lose them. At PantherProducts we are looking at some of the tech that you can place on your keyring that solves simple problems when you are away from your techie comforts at home.

We start with two interesting pieces that solve very simple problems but annoy us when we dont have the solution with us. This first is the ChargeKey a device that allows us to charge and sync our smartphone or other device wherever there is an available USB port. And the second is my favourite the Keyprop is a key shaped smartphone stand that holds your phone in position so you can watch videos or read on your smartphone without having to hold your phone. It also comes with a need a neat camera function that compliments the stand by using it as a camera tripod. Check out our article on Keyring Technology (more to come)