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At the start of the console battle, it was obviousl that Sony was going to have an upper hand when it came to sales simply because it undercut the Xbox One on price. Microsoft obviously stated the extra price was due to the inclusion of the Kinect 2.0 device, but this didnt wash with those that did not want the Kinect. For myself the Kinect was a large part of the reason why i purchased the Xbox One, that and the cloud processing which handles such things as real life drivers in Forza and bots in FPS games that learn as time goes on. The PS4 had on its side raw power, the ability to move more graphics around the screen at better resolutions and to be far the gamer really appreciates that power.

Now Microsoft has decided the time is right to have a price cut on the Xbox One, a welcome price cut that drops the price of the console from £429 to £399. A £30 drop is welcome but on its own not that impressive, the real news comes with the fact that the Xbox One will come bundled with Titanfall for this release at no extra cost. Titanfall is one of the Xbox's most anticipated games of the year and likely to retail around £45 so to include it in a bundle on its launch will effectively save you £75 off the day one price of the Xbox One. A very usefull saving indeed. A move by Microsoft that was required with the Playstation 4 outselling the Xbox One in the UK.

You can pre-order the Bundle from Amazon UK for £399