Titanfall's gameplay is varied but most if not all of the battles will turn depending on the play of the titans. As you know you have to wait until your titan is built before you can call it on to the battlefield. Its impeccable that you get your titan as quick as you can because this will assist your team greatly. There are a few ways to get a Titan on the Battlefield quicker than just waiting for the countdown to be completed.

The first is by killing the enemy pilots, grunts and spectres. This is especially useful in game modes like attrition where killing any enemy type will also get you points towards your teams score to win the round. When you kill enemies the titan countdown will decrease. we are currently unsure if killing pilots or titans decreases the clock by more than killing AI opoonents but realistaclly it should. Its also wise to bear in mind that titanfall is currently in beta so things can change. The seond way of getting a Titan faster is to use a Burn Card. Burn cards are like Perks from the Call of duty series, they give you certain boosts in the game but you can only select 3 and you also need to possess the burn cards to use them. Pull Rank is a burn card that knocks 80 seconds off the build time. The third way and bar the riskiest way is to Rodeo the enemy titans and shoot directly into their core. Every shot you take at the core of the titan reduces the build clock and gets you your titan in rapid time. As ive said though this is a risky method which leaves you open to dying quite frequently if you time it all wrong. So thats how to get Titans faster on the battlefield below is a nice little vid that demonstrates how to do this, enjoy