$19 Million, thats how much facebook has payed for the instant messaging app WhatsApp, now for a company that has its own messaging app which is actually doing quite well thats alot of money to be payed out. Infact thats an extortionate amount of money to be payed, silly money if you like. But people dont make Billions of dollars by making stupid bussiness decisions so what is the value in the messenger then? Well in todays day and age the most valuable thing to be bought is data, to be more specific personal data. Now with Facebook many people dont complete the full data profile as its not requied. The major difference with WhatsApp is that it will look at your phone book to get your contacts and there phone numbers. Its used for when you want to send messages. So what Facebook has actually done is bought a list of your contacts. Thay have purchased your phonebook for what works out at £25.24. So WhatsApp users how do you think they will recoup that £25.24 per head. I'll leave that to your imagination but some sort of targeted advertising is going to be part of the equation.