Titanfall is due for release on March 14th, however Xbox one users have been treated to an open beta, allowing them to play a few game modes on a couple of maps. Players can play Attrition (basically a form of team dethmatch), Hardpoint (a version of domination) or last Titan standing which can be classed as a form of search and destroy because you dont respawn. The beta is fully playable in these game modes and you can gain XP and earn new weaponary and mods and unluck new titans just like the full game. The open is being used to stress test the servers so they can minimise the amount of problems that normally happen when major releases hit the market. Good move from Respawn on that front and it is also drumming up alot of interest from people trying the game and liking it.

We have compiled a list of controls for the Pilot and titans for you so you can ready for when you enter combat