As you know flappy bird has been removed from all the app stores for both android and iOS because the deveoper decided to pull the game. He will have his reasons for that, however that frustrated many people who really couldnt get enough of the simple flapping bird game, to the point that phones and tablets are being sold at hundreds and even thousands of pounts if they have the game installed. It has already gone down as a historic game despite its simplicity.

Never fear flappy bird fans however because of the games simplicity its been easy to people to create many similar style games, one of the closest to resemble flappy birds is Clumsy bird . A slight more graphically pleasing version of flappy birds but basically the same idea and the same premise. With possibly the same desire to smash your phone up or just get angry with the closest person to you. Clumsy birds also has the added advantage of adding a multiplayer mode, with 60 seconds to get a far as you can, each crash slows you down but allows you keep on going. You see 4 birds on the screen at once so you can test your skills against your friends.

Clumsy birds by looking at the general internet chatter is said to be harder then flappy birds, but incase you think your not too good, you can always check out the efforts of the person in the video below, that should make you feel a bit better