It is expected that today or tomorrow a company called Digiglobe will launch its Worldview 3 satelite into orbit and will begin photographing the earth and never before seen resolutions, where it will be able to accurately make out images of 30cm in diameter. The technology itself is not new but the recently relaxed laws in the US have allowed these images to be sold to companies other than the US govenment and the military. Digiglobe is the company which has supplied most of the imagery to google maps, so the chances are that in the not to distant future google maps will have a higher resolution application for you to use. Worldview 3 is capable of sending back images covering 680,000 km of the earth every day.

On the flip side of this wonderful technology comes the worry that you are always being watched. In tuth only a snapshot is being taken of every area it is not a video, but the idea remain that the technology to watch you is available if anyone unscroupulous wishes to use it that way. This has always been a concern for some of the public who feel that there freedom rights are slowly being eroded away.

Watch the launch of the Worldview 3 satelite at 11:10am PDT