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Thread: Pantherproducts News 3rd February 2014

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    Pantherproducts News 3rd February 2014

    After a short delay, PantherProducts will be back with the latest news and reviews from around the gaming world and the internet. Ive moved house and now have a new setup in my new home and will now be getting back to work

    One month into 2014 and we have had 2 months with the new consoles out on the market, both Microsoft and Sony recorded record sales in the Xbox One and PS4's resepctively. There have been monor troubles with both as you may expect but both companies will be more than happy with the way the release went. Limited games are on the market at the moment which has helped the sales of those that were available at launch. The world now waits for the oncomming list of new games to hit the shelves to really take the shakles off these next generation consoles.

    Microsoft has also hinted at the fact the free games with the Xbox Live will soon be starting with the Xbox One in the same manner that the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. Rumour has it that the first free games will be from the microsoft sudios which makes sense as releasing a game for free takes a lot of time and effort to convince the publisher that this is the way to go. After all they want some return. Much easier if you own the studios that are making the games you want to give away. This of course wont always be the case as publishers can get a bit of value out of giving there games away for free. For example microtransactions within the games can still bring in a small amount of revenue. And also releasing a game which will soon have a sequal can have a posative effect on the sales for that sequal. More news on this as soon as we here it.

    Now a quick appology for some parts of the site not working as expected recently. It seems that alot of the CSS was comprimised and the forum editor was lost for a length of time. Thus rendering the forums inopperable. The forums ar enow back online, the editor is fixed and the majority of the CSS has been returned to normal which should be making the site back to normal again. Any obvious errors in the site then please let us know. I have also had a few e-mails saying people have been unable to register on the site or the forums and they have been told by the site that they were a spammer. I have done some tests on the registration system and could not find a specific problem. Anyone else having issues while registering then please e-mail us and we will look into it for you.

    We have had increasing numbers looking at our youtube channel so a big thanks to all those watching our videos and and a special thanks to all those who have subscribed. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting vids from the PantherProducts Team.

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