Hello folks and welcome to another newsletter from me Neo.

Ok firstly i want to say its been a very busy few months and not a lot of work has gone on with regards to the site itself (posting content etc). however this will start to change soon.

We've just released a few new videos to our youtube channel so if you haven't already, go check them out.

You may have noticed we have had a lot of spambots get onto the site. I've personally taken the time to scan through all the users and remove all that triggered the spambot alarm. So hopefully you will not see as many. It appears as though someone had managed to gain access to our admin panel and turn off our filters which allows the spammers to register. This has been fixed and we've added a few extra security measures to ensure this doesn't happen.

If you suspect or see any suspicious activity on the site, please inform myself or The Panther and we will investigate and deal with these attackers.

On a lighter note, things are going well with my new job, loving it and working my ass off. I will hopefully be making a few GTA V videos for your enjoyment so please keep checking our youtube channel.

Steve is working behind the scenes on new guides and bits and pieces and i intend to have a catch up with him around what plans he has for the site and what i can do to help him, i know he's been busy moving house and getting things sorted his end.

Other than that a pretty short and sweet update as to whats going on.

See you around the forums!