OK we are going to be changing the way we rate our games and this will be a cool little addition to let you guys decide on what games we think are worth getting and which aren't. so as you know the higher rated games we sometimes stamp with our seals of approvals like "panther top rated" and the like, however we will now also include a gaming rank including S,A,B,C and D ranks.

S rank - A game must earn 90% or above overall
A rank - A game must earn between 80%-89%
B rank - A game must earn between 70%-79%
C rank - A game must earn between 60-69%
D rank
- A game must earn between 50-59%

These new ranks will also mean we will be rating more than just the 4 sections we normally review (Graphics, Gameplay, Longevity and Multiplayer) so we will introduce additional criteria to be rated, these new criteria are more simplistic and overall better we think:

1. Storyline - how in-depth the storyline is, how engaging and emotionally attaching it is and how it works out, this involves character and story development and how easy the story is to follow.

2. Gameplay - How easy the game is to play with regards to the controls and how challenging the game is and what features are available and any unlockables and secrets there are.

3. Fun factor - How well the game keeps your attention and how well it rides out further into the game, if there are frustrating parts or is it just plain boring? this section will reveal all.

4. Graphics - How seamless and smooth the game runs and are there any glitches or problems with rendering etc.

5. Multiplayer - If the game has a multiplayer (a game that can be played with someone online) how the experience is when online.

6. Re-play value - How long the game will last before you will get bored, time to completion and other info about longevity of the game will be here.

7. Trophy difficulty - How hard or easy it is to attain 100% completion of the trophy collection for that game.

8. Overall score

Hopefully these changes may make better use of our new rating system and we hope you'll enjoy our new reviews. Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!