Hi all

Thought it would be a good idea to post a few games that i recommend people check out, whether it be for trophy hunting or just plain gaming.

Firstly my main recommendation is Dragons Dogma, this game is absolutely immense!!!!! Literally my best game in 2012, it has quite easy trophies really nothing that should take you over 20-30 hours to do and its so good you wont even know you've been playing it that long. Its a Action RPG with the best feature being the combat, the is no other game like it around at the minute. You come into massive fights with Drakes and Chimera and Wyverns and you can grab onto creatures to attack them. Often the dragon decides it would like to fly with you still attached so you just carry on boshing away at 100 feet. Its Kind of like shadow of the colossus mixed with Skyrim.

Secondly if you want a quick platinum then The Walking Dead is a must buy!!! The platinum for this game simply requires you to play through the game from start to finnish and its not too difficult. The most difficult thing is trying not to cry and certain tearjerker moments. This game reminds me of Heavy Rain but with zombies. Oh and Cartoon style graphics.

Good luck people and feel free to hit me up if you do get these games and need help!!