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Thread: Facebook messenger app adds voice for US iPhone users

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    Facebook messenger app adds voice for US iPhone users

    The developers at Facebook have added some functionality to its messenger app that allows users to make a voice call to each other without incurring any phone charges providing the users are connected to an active internet connection. You simply have to open the messenger app and start a conversation with another user and then press the "i" icon and then press "free call" both users must be using the messenger app however and not the website.

    The feature is currently restricted to iPhone users and only those in the U.S. but plans to broaden the scope of the app to overseas and for the Android and Blackberry operating systems are in place.

    This would be good news for pay and go customers who like to use there mobiles at home and for people like me whose mobile signal is very poor and often cant make a mobile call in my location. This will allow me to make a phone call without charge over my Wi-Fi.

    Obviously the only problem would be that the person i wish to chat with would have to open the messenger app before i could make the call, but a simple Facebook messenger message that says i'm going to ring you would alert the other party to an impending call. Its not a perfect solution but its a nice new feature to have.

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    Any idea when this Facebook call function will be available for Android phones? I want to use this for calls while I travel overseas instead of using a Business Voip Phone.
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    As far as i can tell, this is currently in a beta stage of testing, i've found no indication that it'll be available on android anytime soon as the roll out for the app hasn't hit worldwide yet. (Only available in the U.S and Canada currently). If this does go to Android it'd be pretty sweet as i too am an Android user and would love to see this app updated to use this functionality.


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