The has been alot of talk and some production in the way of smart watches with no surprise that most of the talk has been around the idea of the i-watch from apple. There have been reports that Apple were creating one and then that they didnt think that there was a market for it. One thing is for certain if Apple made this type of device then some people would buy it, simply because its a new apple product and they have to have everything. But how much use could a 1-2 inch screen on your wrist actualy be. Or is it just a statement for the geeks to have all the latest techie stuff regrdless of its actual real world value.

I preume people would expect a smart watch to do very similar things to the smart phone, but if we look at the practicality of these things im not sure exactly how it would work. First lets think about a phone call, are you going to put your wrist to your ear? take your watch off or even shout with it on loud speaker. you could of course connect a bluetooth ear piece but this will involve always wearing one incase you got a call. Next text messaging, ever tried texting on a screen thtat is only the width of your wrist (at most) look at the size of your finger and then decide for yourself, but i think this will be very close to impossible.

Then think about internet browsing, e-mail, using apps, watching video all have got to be very awkward if not impossible to do , infact im struggling to think of anything that would be better on a watch on your wrist with a very small screen than on a smartphone. Well perhaps telling the time but my non smart watch can do that perfectly well and doesnt need charging every night. I'm interested in other views on this subject and if smart watches did take off would you be someone that buys one and would you get use of of it or would you buy one because its a cool new techie device.