Genre: Skateboarding/Adventure
Platform: Ps3/Xbox360
Gametype: Platformer/Adventure


For those of you who are around the age of 24-30 you will have no doubt come across the Tony Hawks series as a kid, and more than likely have picked up everygame that was released bearing the Tony Hawks franchise, now a lot of you will of been begging for the day when Tony Hawks was brought back to its roots as the game series progressively got a bit off track, well now your prayers have been answered and Activision has released its Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD which brings us all the fun filled levels we know and love from the first 2 games and has gone back to its roots with the epic gameplay we came to know and love.

If you've never heard of Tony Hawks or are not familiar with Skateboarding games, then you are looking at probably the best skateboarding game series to exist, Tony Hawks is a professional skateboarder and probably still considered the best in the world and back when i was a young whippersnapper i always had a dream to grow up skateboarding like a pro. This game will appeal to all those old skool kids as well as you young bloods as a game that combines past with present and which is done well.


As a new player the controls are pretty easy to pick up, X is jump, Triangle is grind, Square is small scoring quick tricks like kick flips and Circle are more bigger scoring tricks which are slower and take a little longer to perform. combining the D-pad or analogue stick with a trick button will mean you perform different tricks. For example pressing left and square while in the air performs a kickflip, whilst pressing right and square will perform a differnt trick.

The game itself has no real storyline as such, but the aim of the game is to become the best skater the world has ever seen by completing a series of challenges within each level to earn cash to spend on upgrading your players stats and tricks lists as well as new skateboards.

Whats really great about the gameplay is it doesn't try to be too fancy, its simple and thats what makes it a great game, its the kind of game that is meant to play like an arcade game but with more realism. With new games these days they try to be a bit of everything which can take away a massive part of the games structure and fun. Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD stays true to its roots of being a really fun but really simple game that you'll want to keep coming back to time and again, and whats new is that it offers a multiplayer online option to challeneg your friends to a variety of game modes like "Big head survival" which will keep you amused even when you've completed the game 100%.

The game has around 7 levels which are Warehouse, School II, Mall, Hangar, Marseille, Downhill Jam, and Venice Beach which were taken from the first and second pro skater games. For those of you who have played these games will be pleseantly suprised at how good the graphics are and how great the game plays out in each level while you remenis the good ole' days.

There are staple challenges in each level which include collecting S-K-A-T-E letters placed around the maps and collecting secret DvD's (Formerly secret tapes in the originals) and cash dotted around locations of the maps. There are other level specific challenges which alter with each level that the player must do to earn cash to build his players stats,tricks and boards.

Each character has their own career so cash doesn't carry over from one player to another and you'll have to do each challenge again with each player you choose adding a little variety to the game.

After you've completely creamed the objectives in each level there will be a new task thats unlocked in the form of PROjectives, which is all about getting sick high scores and earning the right to be a skateboarding king/queen. This adds longevity to the game and a nice addition that will keep you fingers bleeding as you attempt to qwell that desire to be the best.


The graphics are majorly re-vamped from the first releases of the game, and in stuning HD you get the graphics you'd expect from a modern day game but with the old skool styles of the originals. This will please players old and new as i was very impressed with how the level designs where dragged into the 21st century. but don't take my work for it, have a look yourself:


Multiplayer is a brand new feature to the THPS series as with the older games you could only play split screen, with online comes a variety of game modes such as Hawkman, Big head and graffiti which have the following rules:

Big Head survival:

Each players head slowly begins to swell and the player must perform tricks and combos to reduce the size of their heads, the game will end when one players head explodes after reaching 100% and the winner is the person with the most points


Players perform tricks and combos on the obstacles around the map and whenever a player sucessfully lands a trick or combo on 1 or more objects they will turn those objects to their color, the idea is to hold as many objects as possible, however if the opposition earns a higher score than you did on hat object then he/she takes it in their color, so the idea is to perform some high scores on objects to ensure the other players have a hard time beating them and taking them from you. the winner at the end is the person holding down the most objects when the time hits 0


Each player is tasked with collecting pellets in a level and ideally all in one combo for extra kudo's, however each pellet can only be collected with a certain trick or move for example the green pellets can only be collected whilst performing a manual. the winner is the person who collects all pellets the fastest or has collected the most pellets when the timer runs out.

Points match:

Basically the players battle it out for the highest score, simple and easy, its like playing career mode without and objectives, the points stack and the player with the highest score at the end claims victory.


Gameplay: 8.8/10
Graphics: 8.8/10
Longevity: 9/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Total : 35.6/40 { 89% }