Hard to believe but I just saw this while scouting the news on the internet. 13,000 people still watch TV in "only" black and white, we don't mean also have a monochrome TV as well as a colour one. This piece of news does have some significance for a lot of techies, the significance is that these people are either happy not moving on with the new technologies or simply cant afford to. Either way its an eye opener to the reasons that developers have problems when making anything technology related. Lets take internet browsing, browsers change all the time, the features they support change all the time as well. Yet the amount of people that have not upgraded to the latest version of there browser is staggering. This means that whenever someone wants to create something internet based and wants to reach the maximum audience they will have to develop with the older browsers in mind.

This way of thinking makes it very difficult for technology to move on. Android is another example but for different reasons, as many people are waiting for the next update however some phones are not capable of using the latest versions so again developers are faced with making software or apps that work on many different versions of operating systems.

Nothing can be really done about these things but it did make me think how difficult it is to progress technology and software under these circumstances and when something doesn't work perfectly a little can be forgiven knowing the hassle of dealing with the fickle public

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