Whats Happening?!

Howdy folks, welcome to another fun filled newsletter about the goings on around the forums. Firstly as i mentioned in the last news we've been busy at work on the security of the forums, we've upgraded a few security features to keep out those annoying bots and spam registrations and make it easier for the genuine member to get signed up.

We've also added 3 new items to the shop so go check them out!

Now available:

Leather Racing Jacket (Torso)
Cigarette (Mouth)
Straw (Mouth)

We hope these new items add a little more customization to your characters and i'll be working on more soon.

Whats going to be happening in the next month or so is Steve is working on some article re-writes and updating some existing articles, he'll also be working on some new articles around PC building and much more, so keep an eye out for those!

I too will be working on some new reviews for the reviews section and both me and steve will hopefully be recording a youtube video series about building a computer from scratch. So keep an eye out for that series too. hopefully we can do a meet the team video for the youtube channel where we can introduce ourselves to the forums and youtube fans.

Neo's Section

Ok so heres some new stories that are happening in my day to day life, i recently bought myself a brand new motherboard and have created a dairy in the forums to show you how my new uber PC is coming along, I've also bought myself an Alto sax, something i've always wanted to learn.

I went for a managment interview on Tuesday and aside from needing new underwear on the way to the store i was being interviewed at, the interview itself was actually kind of fun and i did my upmost to give the right responces and actions and i felt the interview as a whole went well so fingers crossed i end up getting the job. My Team leader training is coming along nicely, not long now till i'm at my sign off date so even if i don't get the management position as a departmental manager, i'll still be a team leader.

I've recently been playing Football manager and am still learning how it works and really enjoying playing it, my friend at work has got me hooked on it and i've spent many hours tweaking team tactics and buying and selling players to get my dream team going.

Well thats all from me for this news announcement, hope you enjoyed the read. see you next time!