Genre: Horror
Platform: Ps3/xbox360
Game Type: RPG

Over view

Created by tell tale games and released on the PS store in 5 sections the walking dead is a big hit to many Walking dead fans. The game itself is based on the comic books rather than the TV series and a season pass costs just £15 to get all episodes on the playstation store. A pretty good buy to say the least. The game itself is a nice twist on the RPG gameplay and runs in the same way as games such as Heavy Rain.


Gameplay is pretty easy to get hold of as theres nothing complicated to learn, left stick moves your character and right stick moves the D-pad style cursor, game buttons normaly involves you press either the D-pad on your controller or the buttons in the location of the onscreen D-pad to interact with characters and objects.

When playing the game you will be given the option to say certain things to certain characters and depending on what you say can affect that persons reaction to you later on, the game adapts to almost everything you do so picking your options carefully is the best way to go, some options of dialogue only give you a limited time to select an option otherwise you do nothing, adding a bit of panic and adrenaline into the mix. While the game is reletively slow paced, there are a lot of button bashing moments where you'll need a quick finger and the game itself can be quite difficult in places.

To platinum the game (or get 1000g gamerscore) involves you having to complete all episodes, so an easy platinum for all you trophy hunters out there, the game is very fun and there are a few tear jerking moments where you have to make some tough decisions to which even a heartless bastard like myself was welling up at the decisions i made.

There are some interesting twists in the game itself which you will come across later on and theres a lot of choices you need to make which involve you saving or letting someone die, so there is an element of goding going on. There are also parts in the game where a zombie might pop out of no where and scare the pants off you, many a time i found myself needing new underwear when playing. Depending on your choices can make the game easier or harder so think about who might be worth your while siding with in an arguement or saving in place of someone else.

One of the best things about this game is it feels like your watching a movie, there are a lot of cutscenes which blend into the gameplay which make you feel as though you have an input as to how the movie pans out, while some gamers will dislike the fact that theres around 60% cutscenes and 40% gameplay I thought it was perfect for the type of game it is, it really does feel like your watching a movie but you have a say in how the movie ends, who wouldn't like that in a real movie?

Overall i was very impressed with how smooth the game played, there are very few bugs i noticed (if any at all) and it was very well polished and presented. If your the kind of person who likes RPG's with a difference then this game is definatly on the list of games you'll want in your life. Even if your not a big fan of RPG's but are a crazed zombie apacolypse fan then again this game will appeal to you!


Graphics in game are styled around realism but put in a cartoony type way which works extremely well, i thought the graphics were very well presented and done to a degree where you hardly notice the cartoony graphics and see the realism it brings out. The graphics to me remind me of those in games like Borderlands so they are visually pleasing but are made to be dark, eerie and disturbing, the use of light plays a massive part of storytelling in the game and can really get the mood going.


While this game takes around 13-15 hours to play through, once completed theres not much replay value in terms of variety, however you may want to re-play the game to find out what happens if you save different people (however the ending is still the same).


Gameplay: 9.8/10
Graphics: 9.4/10
Longevity: 4/10
Total: 23.2/30 {77.3%}