A recent study has shown that Mobile data usage on smartphones is as low as 22% of all the data that is pulled from the internet, with the rest coming from Wi-Fi sources. While obviously Wi-Fi is quicker and is available in a lot of places now it doesnt explain the very low percentage of mobile data use on a mobile phone. You would for example expect people to use different internet devices in the home for example such as home PC's, Laptops, tablets smart TV's etc. The Mobile phone you would be to used when out and about and therefore to be using a mobile network to get internet access.

The figures however show a different story and they point towards the fact that mobile data is both expensive, very limited and slower than the networks would have you believe. I dont live in a major city but I do live in a highly populated area and my mobile data access can very rarely get to a decent 3G coverage. The speed regulary drops below that of 3G and sometimes struggles to cope to get any data at all. Thats not the problem for everyone of course but its a problem for a decent proportion people in the country. We can then look at data allowance, to even get 1GB of data in a moth is going to cost you and if you stream any videos or music then that is soon going to be eroded into dust very quickly. Because of this it seems people are waiting until they get a wi-fi hotspot or get home before they use the internet for anything heavy.

Facebook and Twitter and other social sites are the main uses for mobile internet and as they take up very little data, some of the cheaper internet packages could be more benificial to the masses. Just checking my own mobile data for the last few months it seems that the most intensive use of my mobile data is from downloading updates from Google play for my apps, of course you can turn this off and download them only when you get to a Wi-Fi source, but the point is that everyday internet use is not where my data allowance is being used on. If However I had the access to faster and more plentiful mobile data, then I think that would not be the case as I would watch more TV / video's, stream music and make better use of the internet facilities of my smartphone. The statistics from this study seem to show that many people are in the same boat. It is important to remember however that statistics can be percieved in different ways and can show different things to different people, in this case I think it supports whats happening with my data usage. You may have your own views on the matter, I will be interested to know what the major useage of your mobile internet allowance goes on.