Site News

OK news time, so its almost that festive season of the year and winter has fast aproached and graced us with its prescence, i thought we'd kick of the holiday season with a new Avatar set. So lets kick start this months news with the release of our Snowboarder set which is now available in the Avatar store, go check it out as its pretty sleek.
New items:

Snowboarder Jacket
Snoboard Red
Snowboard Blue
Snowboarder Hat
Snowboarder trousers

Being the 11th of november it is Britains rememberance sunday where its traditional for our nation to remember and pay tribute to our armies service men and women who have fought in wars past and present and who gave their lives, so that we can live in peace. to comemorate this event, our site will be offline for 2 minuites to pay tribute to those men an women at 11:11am GMT, normal two minuites silence usually is at 11am but we wanted to to go for 11:11am.

We will also be performing some minor maintainance which i'll be tweaking a few things here and there with some mods we have installed and hoping to squish a few bugs.

vB5 has been released as a stable alpha and we want your opinion, should we upgrade or is it not worth it? Discuss here.

Other News

I've been hard at work gaming and working toward my target of 2:1 KD on MW3 which i currently stand at 1.95, i've also platinumed Gran Turismo 5 and Dungeon defenders after putting in a fair amount of hours getting the remaining trophies. I also got my hands on LG's new 4xHD phone which i'll be reviewing within the next week as a stand alone rather than a VS so you guys get to see how good it really is.

Steve is busy this period so won't see much post wise however i'm aware hes been working behind the scenes on a few things and will be rustling up some more reviews soon.

hope you like the new additions to the site and thank you for your continued support!