The mighty Kilstreak is dead, killed off as it were in favour of what I'm thinking is much more balanced solution to the rewards hierachy. In its place we have the score streak. The general premise is the same the higher up the ladder you go the better the reward you will receive. The difference here however is that points towards the streak are not just from killing the enemy but come from all the actions you do in the game. For example in a game of domination you will get more points towards your score streak for capturing the flag points than killing an enemy. This rewards the people that play the modes objective. Many people on MW3 that played kill confirmed for example will not go and collect the tags for there team to win the game but would sit and wait for the few that do so they can get an easy kill.

The K/D ratio that is so precious for everyone is getting downgraded slightly in the game, but may well be more accurate as an overall picture. Its not as easy to just sit and camp in certain game modes and acheive killstreaks for even more kills. Those true players of the game that play the objectives will be able to call in better support and as such may well have an easier time getting a higher K/D ratio. There will of course be those that disagree but for me if you want a straight game of deathmatch then stick to TDM, otherwise make an effort to play the game mode, that is why we have so many different style of game to play.

There are many ways to score points on your score streak meter, kills obviously, achieving objectives as we have mentioned above but there is alot more and some to still be discovered, for example assists counts to your score, but not only wounding enemies with your gun but also flashing enemies or stunning enemies that get killed by a team mate will also get you points, even enemies being killed why your UAV is active will give you a points bonus. The moral here is play as a team, play the objective and play to win the round if you do will have access to the highest score streaks available.

Current score streak rewards are as follows
Hunter Killer
Care Package
Counter UAV
Hellstorm Missile
Lightning Strike
Death Machine
Sentry Gun
War Machine
Stealth Chopper
Orbital VSAT
Escort Drone
EMP Systems
Vtol Warship
K9 Unit

For more info on the rewards you can check out the page at

For me, i loved the RC-XD (many hated i know), so glad that is back, but was never a fan of the attack dogs. This was going to be futuristic version so the use of dogs surprises me a little. The single sentry gun that is automatic but can be controlled is a nice touch. returning also in different forms are the old mortar team (now lightning strike) to pound 3 area's of the map with bombs and the blackbird (MW3 advanced UAV and now Orbital VSAT) to detect enemies in real time and there direction.

New items include the guardian which slows enemies and stuns them by projecting a field of microwave energy, something new and untested in mass multiplayer modes but looks like a favourite in objective based games. The dragfire is a small remote controlled quad rotor craft with a small machine gun attached to zip round and pick off unsuspecting foes. The attack helicopter has a big brother now which acts the same as the original but does not appear on the rader and is now the stealth chopper.

So ScoreStreaks, good addition to the game or do you prefer the tried and tested Killstreak rewards?