Heya folks and welcome to another little announcement about the news and whats going on around the forums. Firstly i've been looking into updating certain area's of the site (particulalry looking at skins and updating them so they all have the same functions) and will be working on that over the next few months to get everything sorted, i've been building up a short list of things i'd like to get done first. if you guys spot a bug don't forget to report it to me so i can work on a fix.


We've added a couple of new items to the avatar shop which include the following:

Vlad Von Carstiens Robe: 705gil
Monicle: 52gil
Theif mask: 142gil
Thor's hammer: 320gil
Captain America's Shield: 420gil

Be sure to check them out!

I'll be looking to add more items soon so if you have any idea's of items you'd like to see in the shop then please feel free to let me know either by PM or commenting below, i'd like a big list of ideas so that i have something to work on as right now my imaginative streak has all but dried up.

Site Maintainance

I've been doing a little tweaking and altering a few settings and adding some additional back end features which should help the site run a little smoother and give our site a little bit more protection from spambots and spammers, as you probably aware, we use a system called cloudflare, which is a free service that allows us to manage things like traffic, moniter visitors and what they most look at and a variety of other cool stuff we can do to improve the site. For example on demand we can look at a heat map of the site which shows us where you guys click or view the most, and we also have apps installed on cloudflare that filter out bad IP addresses and monitor potential problematic IPs so we can ensure your foruming experience isn't interupted by pesky bots and unwanted guests. We also recently installed an additional firewall type app on cloudflare that also reduces the risk of malicious content being published on the site (whether it be for hacking purposes or attempts to steal user info/site info).

Neo's Corner

It's been a bit of a busy week for me this week, not only have i had a lot of courses for my team leader position to cram in, i've also been playing a lot online with friends and working toward the borderlands 2 platinum which i achieved the other day with the help of Simp22 (Simon). For those of you who have yet to play it, i highly recomend it, its a very good game and its fun throughout, which is always a bonus. I've also been ripping up COD MW3 and playing some friendly (apparently) Private matches with The Panther (Steve), Kurtizz (Kurt), Jay, Alex and David (who i don't think are on here just yet).

Basically how it works for us is we join a lobby and invite everyone in, then comes the hours of gaming together where theres a lot of swearing, jokes, disbelief, rage quitting and a barrage of excuses why we didn't win that goes on in our matches, which make the game so much fun because no two games are ever the same. Normally it is either myself or Kurt that ends up winning the games we play but just recently my standards have slipped and i'm finding that Steve and Alex are winning a lot more games than i'd like (down to the fact i've not been playing in a while is my excuse) and this depresses me because i like to win and i love the cometetivness those guys have, the plus side it it's driving me to become better and reclaim my top spot finishes. Our games normally consist of either free for alls or gun games, with the occasional one in the chamber thrown in for good measures. The beauty of playing online is the fact that yes you can have fun with some random strangers but nothing quite compares to playing online with your best mates and enjoying a social (or not) game by where no matter how much abuse or excuses you throw at your opposition when you finish your all still best mates, and i think thats why i'm starting to prefer the private match systems on COD games as its more fun when the rivalry is involved with your work mates.

What do you guys think? are you big fans of friend bouts or do you prefer playing along side your mates and winning together?

Ok so its almost coming up to that time of year, and that means there are a fair few games i want to buy, Resi6 the new pro evo, COD BLOPS2 and some Vita games, but i'm having a hard time deciding what i want to play first, the reason i say this is because i also have playstation plus so i get 4 free games a month and i have around 10-20 games on my Ps3 hard drive sitting their untouched, and these include games like Just cause 2, Outland, Shift 2, Warhammer 40k Space marines and some other well known games but i have yet to even find time to press the button to have a little play around. the choice is mind boggling and this is why i wish games came out at a steady pace instead of them all coming in for christmas. Not only does it mean i'm broke by the end of it all, but i'm left with many unplayed games i will want to play.

What are you guys planning on getting when it comes out? and what are you most looking forward to?

I'm looking into holding a few gaming competitions in the near future that will be held on Ps3 (since i don't posses and Xbox) i'll be looking at giving out awards and prizes of gil to the winners and wondered if you guys would be interested, if you have a look at the medals available i'm hoping to add to those and allow you guys to don your gear and get stuck in to win them. I need your views on it as if i get enough feedback i'll definatly start one up. Or would it be better if we waited till i've got some new medals made? let me know!

Thats pretty much it from me for this news article, hope you enjoyed reading and i'll be sure to read your comments