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Thread: News: 17th Sept 2012 new way to do the news :)

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    News: 17th Sept 2012 new way to do the news :)

    So i was thinking of a new way to bring the news to the site so instead of just slapping up new threads each time we have some new features or announcements i'll instead be doing an admin style blog in which either myself or The Panther will write each week/month depending on how much news there is, this will mean that we can compile a big list of things into one section so your not having to check back here each time something new is added as often.

    So whats new in this weeks news? well i've not long come back from a wonderful holdiay in spain and i wanted to get my hands stuck into developing the site further so since i've been back i've been inspired by a photoshop magazine i've bought which has got me itching to try out some new techniques and styles. This leads me to reveal a new section in the downloads area found in the website icons/tool bit, theres a new section within that area called Photoshop Tools/textures by where i'll be posting some of my own works there which you'll be able to download and use for free being a member, i've also enabled members to upload their own brush sets, textures, PSDs and other such photoshop related stuff in that section so you can share your awesome works with everyone.

    For those of you that love our avatar system i've done a bit of work with a new selection of clothing for purchase, these include the following items which are now available:

    Vampire Robe: 666 gil
    Witches Hat [M]: 198 gil
    Mages Staff: 246 gil
    Force Rod: 267 gil
    Cat tail: 100 gil

    I hope you enjoy these new additions, there will be more to come in the near future.

    We are currently aware that the downloads tab in the navbar isn't showing up on the forums in certain area's and i'm looking into fixing that as soon as possible but should you wish to view the downloads area just go to which will take you there.

    Steve (The Panther) has added a new notice which mentions the fact that we use cookies on our site, this message is a one time message that will not appear again if you hit yes, basically because our site is situated within the European area (since we're from the UK) it is law that all sites in the EU have to make people aware if their site uses cookies as theres a big thing here that people aren't aware what cookies are or do (basically store bits of information to make life easier when browsing websites).

    Thats pritty much it for the news this week regarding the site, if you have any questions or suggestions don't forget to post them! Some irrelevant news about my life outside the forums, i recently got a promotion at work into a team leader role, which is good as i've been waiting for this job for a while now and it's finally fell into place, looking forward to starting up once all my training is done.

    have a great day everyone and i'll see you next time with a more structured news update

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    I'm actually in love with that vampire set, i need to have thaty in my life i like the new idea of the blog type news as its more involving for us members, plus we get a say afterwards which is always nice.

    Congrats on your promotion Neo! and good luck with the new job. Looking forward to seeing what you and Steve have planned!

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    Its a good way to keep up to date with whats happening and its nice to find out what goes on in our Admins lives outside of the site too so i'm all for it


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