Genre: Strategy/Adventure
Platform: PC/Xbox360/Ps3
Game Type: Tower Defence

So recently i've been playing a lot of this game and i had to write a review on it as its pretty much had me addicted ever since i picked it up from the PS Store, this game is a tower defence game created by Trendy Entertainment. This game was released on 19th october and has been a comercial hit selling over 1 million copies of the game over each platform. There are also talks of releasing an update to enable cross platform with the Ps3 and Vita systems. the game is a showcase of the the back then new Unreal Engine named Dungeon Defense by where players pit themselves against hordes of monsters to protect their Crystals from being destroyed.


The game is at first a little overwhelming with the controls, while its a little easier to understand on the gaming consoles the controls are a little different on the PC version, the aim of the game is to protect a set ammount of eternia crystals on one of 12 levels (DLC enables around 15) from hordes of monsters that emerge through creeper gates which have a purple circle beneith them, at the start of each wave of monsters the doors will show billboards with pictures and numbers of monsters that will come through that specific door, this gives you an insight as to what to expect when the round starts so you can build your defences to combat the monsters that appear.

There are four types of character in Dungeon Defenders these all have a specialty of some sort which will aid you when playing as a team so below are what each character is and what they do, as you level up your characters you can assign skill points into a variety of skills which will affect your character or its defenses:


A knight class whos predominantly got the best defense turrets in the game but is slow to move and has high health, you probably want to start with one of these as you can get some good defenses down while you lay waste to the enemies with another class. the knight has a good ability which doubles his attack for a short time so you are able to use him as a great damage dealer if you decide to pump the stats of the character over defensive turret stats.


The huntress is considered to be the best attack class with the worse turrets, the huntress uses bows,guns and other projectile firing weapons at high speeds which make her a good damage dealing character, you'll want to use her when all your defenses are down.


The monk is a bit of a mixed bag, while he has no predominent specialty (IE character/turrets) he has some nifty abilities which will surely help you turn the tides and most players miss out on, the monk has no real damaging defense turrets however the monks specialty comes in the form of what his turrets (or aura's in this case) do, the monk has a unique ability to slow down and drain the enemies strength was well as health allies in his auras, he's by far the most useful of the classes with regards to having the other classes around, he has two special abilities that power up nearby defense units and boost player damage and heal them too while his other skill is active.


The apprentice class is a bit of an all rounder class who specialises in elemental damage and magical abilities, his defense turrets consist of lightning and fire damaging turrets with the ability to remove the enemies elemental stats with a magical blockade. while the mages turrets do not offer the sheer power of that of the squire, the mages turrets offer more accurate and speedier damage to flying things and can attack multiple enemies at once, the best tower for the mage can also shoot through any objects in the way which adds even more benefit to its already long range ability. Meaning you can deal mass damage to things far away without worrying about waiting for the enemy to come to you. The mage can also arguably do the most damage per second with the character so its worth using one from time to time because some weapons you pick up can fire 5 projectiles at once meaning 5x the damage! so think twice before dismissing the mage for the huntress.

At certain levels at the end of the wave there are bosses which can drop rarer items, before you select a level there are one of many options to choose from to make the game different each time, these options include being able to increase the difficulty from easy through to insane, using tower defenses only where characters cannot do any damage or be killed, or survival which means the rounds go on untill one of your crystals are destroyed.

The best thing about this game is the fact you can jump in with your friends and is totally co-op, the only downside that really lets this game down is the players who play online, its very difficult to get into a game with random people without them booting you out, this is because the higher number of players in the game (Max 4) the more enemies there are making it more difficult, for instance if you joined a level 70 when your level 5 it means there will be more enemies and depending on what difficulty it was the enemies would still be at that difficulty so that person would have more enemies to deal with without you being able to provide much help. While you still get booted out of games even if your the same level (which makes no sense to me) its the most frustrating part of the game as you find leveling up so much easier if you joined a game with a higher level character to power level you. However don't let this put you off as some games you can get into where there are nice people who can manage the increase in monsters who will gladly level you up. The people who boot you should be using the private match if they didn't want people to join but thats the stupidity of the folks who do it.

Once you've completed the main levels there are special challenges you can do on different difficulties, these challenges differ from the main campaign as sometimes you'll be protecting a moving crystal or protecting an ogre, or you could be pitted against a horde of super strong ogres or a swarm of goblins raining down to destry your crystal, theres even a role reversal challenge where YOU have to destroy the enemies crystals.

This game is very addictive so be prepared to lose a good chunk of you life playing this game. But what makes you come back to it is the fact is so much fun with your friends, sure there aren't too many levels but the levels are always fun and theres so many strategies to be had with completing them. Leveling up isn't too difficult but gets a bit more grindy once you pass the 70 mark.


The graphics to this game are similar to that of borderlands, the way they its cartoony but realistic(ish) at the same time providing you lived in a fantasy world of course. there are no real issues with anything being out of place or any graphical glitches so the game is smooth and sleek in appearance and provides cute characters to cater for all ages.

The graphical engine software used is very good at keeping the game smooth even when theres lots going on around your screen, its handled well on the Ps3 and depending on your computer will work just as well if not better.


While this game can be played solo its much more fun to play with friends, the game was designed with this in mind and all of the game can be played co-op which is totally awesome.


This is the type of game that in years past you'll still be making regular trips back to defending your crystals, i've never come across a game that has been so fun for this long and still makes me want to play it over and over, if your going for the platinum then you'll be putting in a lot of hours but you'll not seem to notice that they've flown by.


Gameplay: 9.5/10
Graphics: 8.4/10
Multiplayer: 9.5/10
Longevity: 9.6/10

Total: 37/40 {92.5%}