During this week we shall be upgrading our forums to the latest vBulletin version, there may be some downtime but we will try to keep it to a minimum, we aim to upgrade on wednesday so please make sure that anything you've got saved is backed up incase something happens in the upgrade process which deletes it from the site, while this is unlikely we recomend you do it just to be on the safe side.

I'd expect there to be very little downtime as we tend to keep the forums open whilst upgrading takes place but you may come across some page errors or script errors when viewing certain pages whiolst upgrades are taking place.

The upgrade will mostly be admin only changes that makes our jobs a little better/faster/easier so you wont notice any major difference but a over 100 bugs will be fixed so any we've not found/fixed already might be fixed in the upgrade. Should you come across any bugs after the upgrade, feel free to let me know so i can investigate and fix them if i can.