Hello folks I feel we have a good enough selection of items to officially launch our new avatars system what it does is allow users to choose a character and dress them up in a variety of styles available in the shop, you earn Gil via posting and this can be used in vBavatars just like it can in vBshop, You can go to your avatar any time and see what it looks like, you can also preview each item of clothing to see what it looks like before you commit to wearing it. You can also change any item of clothing on your character any time you want, as many times as you want to get the look you've always wanted! to use it you will need to follow these instructions:

1. Go to community in the drop down menus in the navbar and then click on vBAvatars, next choose your bits and pieces by buying your selected items and then hit save.

2. Go to your user CP by pressing the Settings tab in the top right of the forums (at the top of any page located next to my profile)

3. go down to "Edit Avatar" on the left side column and then click use vBavatars and click save.

Please note we will be removing custom avatars and pre-made ones as we get further down the line so you will no longer be able to use that feature, however you must perform the above so that your avatar character will be enabled for your profile.

Please also note that we currently only have available MALE items and characters but in the near future i'll be working on female items and clothing for you all to use either/or. (this will also depend on when we upgrade the mod if its possible to stop cross dressing occuring as right now you can put male clothes on females and vise versa and because of the way our base models are made the clothes don't fit and look silly on the other gender).