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Thread: PSVita launches tomorrow! Have you pre-ordered?

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    Red face PSVita launches tomorrow! Have you pre-ordered?

    Ok sony are launching their PS Vita across the European region tomorrow, have you pre-ordered your console? Did you get the welcome pack for pre-ordering it?

    The Vita is estimated to break record sales of hand held consoles made by Sony and out-sell the PSP Go and PSP combined.

    What games are you looking forward to getting and whats the feature you like most on the console that made you want one?

    I've pre-ordered mine from Gamestation and have gotten my welcome pack which included headphones and a downloadable avatar/discount for the Vita store, The blue Vita headphones look really nice and i hope to enjoy hours of fun each day using my Vita. I've got Wip3out on pre-order too and will hopefully be reviewing all vita games i get in the reviews section for you to see what we thought of the games.

    Don't forget that the Vita has trophies so hopefully we will look into extending our horizons and writing full trophy walkthroughs for games too

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    I've got mine today, looking forward to playing on it when i get home, i got little deviants for it. so going to give that a blast. The thing that i liked most about this console was the games line up, i mean the only fun games on handhelds are pokémon and theres not many great games out for DS apart from said game, however i think now Psvita has come into play there will be a mixture of fun games and serious gamer games which combines the PSP with the DS for a bit of everything which will make gamers want it more.


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