Game type: Platformer/3rd person shooter
Platform: Ps3 Exclusive
Genre: Action Adventure


Uncharted 3 is the next installment of Naughty Dog's iconic PS exclusive Uncharted series which carrie on the story from the previous games, the character development digs a little further and the game itself dives you into action, for those who've never played the Uncharted series, this game is comparable to the tomb raider series and a sort of modern day indianna jones type of game which will appeal to you if you like a good story and an adventure for treasure.


The gameplay in uncharted 3 is pretty easy to get ahold of, meaning you can jump straight in and quickly learn whats what, the in game tutorial and help are easily accessed so playing the game will remain fun, there are several things that you can do in fighting enemies which include, tapping the circle button to move in and out of cover, blind firing when you are in cover, and aiming whilst hanging which were all possible in the previous two games.

You star out as Nathan Drake (the star of the series) and get yourself into a little bit of trouble in an exchange that was set up to trade a ring for some money, everything goes wrong and appears the plan to excvhange the ring has gone to pot, you are launched into a bare knuckle fight where you can get to grips with the close combat side of the game, the button combinations to press when fighting appear in the lower part of your screen, there are some quick time events which enable you to block attacks and perform certain moves involving the scenery around you.

Uncharted 3 has 5 difficulties: very easy, easy, normal, hard and crushing. To unlock crushing you must first play through the game on any of the other difficulties. when we play game we like there to be some sort of challenge and we found this game on hard mode to be a pretty tough challenege in a few places, we then went and did a playthrough on crushing and there are some parts where its very very difficult but overall the game itself isn't that difficult to complete once you've gotten used to it.

In uncharted 3 there are treasures scattered around the levels in which you can choose to hunt down, there are 100 in total and add an extra option to the game to make it more fun, collecting all 100 treasures unlocks you certain things in the co-op and competative modes by giving you dollars to spend on upgrading (but more on that later).

Uncharted 3's storyline is revolved around Nates father's (Sir Fransis Drake) ring, in which you try to uncover the mystery about the atlanta in the sands called Ubar. You find clues to the riddles drake leaves you as you piece together the location of the land of riches in the rub al khali desert.
During your travels you'll learn about lawrence of arabia's travels and John dee's research.

The gameplay has vastly improved from the previous game Uncharted 2: among thieves and the game uses a more powerful version of the engine used to make Uncharted 2, This new engine enhances character movement and allows for more fluent animation when shooting and rolling.

Uncharted 3 has 22 chapters in total, which is the same ammount as Uncharted 2 but what dissapointed us was there are a lot of chapters where theres very little combat action compared with the 2nd and 1st games. uncharted 3 involves a lot of following and running around to locations and a fair few puzzle type scenarios but we feel the game was lacking that tiny bit more action which Naughty Dog is so good at creating.


With the new Engine used to power the game Naughty dog have said that "We were, at any given point, using 100% [of the PlayStation 3's power]. We were using everything we possibly could. There is always room where you find something where you can do the processing in some different way to find more power. There are all of these different ways to squeeze more power out of the box", and this definatly shows, the water, sand, dust and character movements were all breath taking to witness, just a small example of how detailed the graphics were, when you walked around in the dessert your footprints left your bootprint in the sand which you could see the grains of sand overflow the tops of the footprint and sink into the print and around the sides, Water looked stunning on the game and could easily be mistaken for real life water.

Uncharted 3 has come on leaps and bound from the 2nd installment. and it appears they kept true to drakes aging by making him slighly more chubby in his appearance:

The only way to truly experience the awesomeness of the graphics is through HD, if your TV doesn't support HD then go get yourself one that does and you will enjoy this game even more than you already did.


Uncharted 3 offers two types of multiplayer, a co-op and a competative. Co-op you can team up with 3 other friends and complete the story mode together, each kill earns you dollars which you can spend on upgrading your characters perks and weapons.

In competative mode you are faced with an array of game modes which you can play to compete with friends and rank up your character, you gain experience for kills and completing certain objectives and can use the dollars you earn to upgrade your characters looks, weapons, perks and other things. The online fighting is actually really fun for 3rd person, when we first played we couldn't believe how much fun it had gotten even though we loved Uncharted 2's online mode, we felt this had come a long way as the maps were great and the gametypes had small improvements.


For those of you who relish in a challenge you can play uncharted 3 quite easily in campaign mode 3 times without getting bored, we recomend you go for the platinum trophy to prove you've got what it takes, and this also makes you enjoy the game further. The online is fun and theres a lot of levels to get past in co-op and competative which will keep you occupied for extended lengths. We completed the entire platinum in under 12 hours which means that its quite a lengthy game and wont give up its challenges easily.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Multiplayer: 8.5/10
Longivety: 8.5/10

Total: 37/40 [93%]