Creative Zen Micro 5Gb MP3 Player

The Zen micro is the little brother of the Zen 20gb. For those of you that wouldn't know what to do with 20gb of music or would never even dream of owning that much music then maybe the Zen Micro is a better choice for you. 5Gb of storage capacity is still enough to hold 1250 songs approx at 128Kbps and even more if you are storing at lower bit rates. I have heard it be said that only 5Gb is not enough but 1250 songs at standard bitrates seems fine to me.

The Zen Micro comes in a style to suit you. You can choose from 10 different coloured fronts, your choices are White, black, light and dark blue, pink, red, green, purple, orange and silver. So I'm sure there is a colour there to suit you. Each one comes with a bright blue back light for extra style and of course so you can see what you are pressing in the dark.

The battery life of the creative Zen Micro is 12 hours as standard and is rechargeable. You can buy extra batteries for when recharging is not a possibility. Switching the batteries is easy and you will have another 12 hours of listening time. 1 battery included extra batteries sold separately.

The Creative Zen Micro also comes with an FM radio and 32 presets so even if you do manage to get bored of the 1000+ songs stored on the disk you can always tune in your favourite station for more hits.

A nice little extra of the Zen Micro is the DJ feature. The DJ will not only shuffle your entire library but it will allow you to select songs from a specific album or even only select songs that you listen to often (your favourites) or songs that you may not have heard for a while, allowing you not to miss songs buried in the depths of your playlist.


  • Micro Sized - Just over 3" tall and 2 wide"

  • 12 hour battery life

  • Removable, rechargeable battery

  • FM radio

  • Vertical Touch pad

  • Voice and FM radio Recording

  • Address Book, Calendar, To-Do List and synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook

  • Store up to 2500 songs in WMA format

  • Transfer any data between computers use the Zen Micro as a removable hard drive

Manufacturer's Description

Introducing the most imaginative and eye-catching MP3 player to date! The exciting new Zen Micro carries 2,500 songs in a micro sized player and treats you to 10 electrifying colours to choose from, all with a captivating luminescent blue glow that will set you apart from the crowd. The size of your player shouldn't compromise the thousands of songs you want to listen to. Zen Micro's incredibly tiny size holds up to 2,500 songs, that's a whole weeks worth of music to enjoy and never hear the same song twice. And, with USB 2.0, you'll be able to transfer songs in a flash, spending less time at your computer and more time enraptured in your music. Only 3.3" high, this micro sized player stands tall against any other player. In such a tiny space Creative Technology has filled it with everything you'd want in an MP3 player and more! Zen Micro's contoured shape feels great when you hold it in your hand, scrolling through thousands of your favourite songs. The smooth round edges also let it slip effortlessly into your pocket. However, its stunning looks will probably make you want to keep it out where everyone can see it. Zen Micro, trimmed with a luminescent blue glow and back-lit buttons, boasts the most imaginative design of an MP3 player to date.

Creative Zen Micro 5Gb MP3 Player - Available in 10 different colours

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