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Lexmark X4850

You can buy the Lexmark X4850 from these great stores

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The Ink Factory

The Lexmark X4850 brings to your desktop an all in one printing, scanning and copying solution with a built in wireless connection. Wireless communication has become big in the last few years and with more and more households having a wireless broadband solution in the home, why not add the printer to the list of wireless network enabled devices in your home. Not only does a wireless printer allow you to store your printer in a place that a wired solution may not of gone but a wireless printer can easily be connected up to more than 1 computer say a laptop as well as a desktop PC.

Other features in the X4850 include built in double sided printing to save paper and money. Direct photo printing from compatible memory cards and from PictBridge enabled digital cameras. A 2.4 inch LCD screen allows you to easily see what you are printing and allows you to make last minute edits to your photos before you make that final print. Plus Lexmark's Evercolor2 a designed to to last even against water, strong light and humidity.

The Lexmark X4850 does not need a PC to use many of its functions, One touch copying will photocopy a document or picture at the touch of a button, plus PictBridge and Memory card photo printing does not require and intervention from a computer, giving you freedom to print pictures anywhere you want to take the printer.

There are a number of Wirelessly enabled printers released by Lexmark recently, the X4850 is the home printing option, a great option for the occasional photo printer and for general home printing needs. Certainly the option when looking for the best price. Be assured that the X4850 will still deliver the results you would expect.

The Lexmark X4580 has the following reported print speeds (in fastest modes)

Black text - 30 pages per minute
Colour Text -
27 pages per minute


  • Built-in 802.11g wireless technology; Compatible with Wi-Fi Certified IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

  • Save paper, money and the environment with built-in, two-sided printing

  • Direct photo printing from Memory Card, USB Flash drive or with PictBridge?

  • Easily view and edit photos with 2.4" (6 cm) display

  • Print Fast! Up to 30 ppm black and 27 ppm colour printing

  • evercolor2? inks resist water, highlighting, fading and humidity(4)

    Manufacturers Description

    The Lexmark? X4850 Wireless All-in-One offers the convenience of wireless technology combined with efficient 2-sided printing, business class speeds and robust photo performance for maximum home productivity.

    Ink Cartridges


    Cartridge Number

    Part Number

    Black #42A 018Y0342E
    Black High Yield #44 018Y0144E
    Colour #41A 018Y0341E
    Colour High Yield #43 018Y0143E
    Photo Print #40 018Y0340E


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