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ATI Radeon X1800

Review - Radeon X1800 XL / XT
Date  - 03/12/05
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Summery - The X1800 was the flagship product of the X1000 series until the release of the X1900. Built to last and built with everything available to ATI. The X1800 XT is fitted with a whopping 625Mhz core and 1.5Ghz effective memory speed. In terms of raw power the X1800 XT has the most pixel pushing power and memory bandwidth of anything out there till the release of the Geforce 7800 GTX 512. Simple numbers however are not everything.

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The Radeon X1800 comes in two types, the ATI Radeon X1800XL and the X1800XT. The X1800XT is the power version and has all the features available to any of the X1000 series cards. The X1800XL is no slouch it comes a little bit cheaper but is only different because of its slower core and memory speeds. You are looking of course at the top end of the market here so these cards are likely to cost a pretty penny. But we know that those that can afford it and want a super system will be eagerly waiting for a graphics card like the Radeon X1800 XT. Unlike some previous releases of ATI graphics cards the Radeon X1000 series of graphics are available now to buy at the time of release. This time don't just read about it you can actually go out and get one for yourself. As you can imagine ATI have been criticised for this in the past and had no intention of making this mistake again.

Radeon X1800 XT and Radeon X1800 XL compared

  X1800 XT X1800 XL
Memory 256 / 512Mb GDDR3 256Mb GDDR3
Memory Clock speed 1.5Ghz (DDR) 1Ghz (DDR)
Core Clock speed 625Mhz 500Mhz
Memory Bandwidth 32Gb/s 48Gb/s

Features of the X1800 (R520)

321 million transistors on 90nm fabrication process
Ultra-threaded architecture with fast dynamic branching
Sixteen pixel shader processors
Eight vertex shader processors
256-bit 8-channel GDDR3/GDDR4 memory interface
Native PCI Express x16 bus interface
Dynamic Voltage Control

X1000 Series Card comparison

How does the X1800 XT compare with the top graphics cards in the groups of the X1000 series. How much better is the X1800 XT over the X1600 XT and the X1300 Pro. Looking at the table below you can see that the X1800 XT not only has greater Memory and core clock speeds but it also comes with more pixel pipelines giving it a great advantage in gaming. Price is always a factor though for most and the X1800 XT does come at a premium. There are of course more to look at, check out the full specifications further down.

Type Radeon X1300 Pro Radeon X1600 XT Radeon X1800 XT
Memory 256Mb GDDR3 128 / 256Mb 256 / 512Mb
Memory Clock speed 800Mhz 1.38Ghz 1.5Ghz
Core Clock speed 600Mhz 590Mhz 625Mhz
Memory Bandwidth 17.6Gb/s 22Gb/s 48Gb/s
Pixel Pipelines 4 12 16
Approx release price $149 $199 / $249 $499 / $549

ATI Radeon X1800

ATI Radeon X1800XT Graphics card

You may of guessed that the Radeon X1800 XT is aimed at the extreme gamer building the best system available. Its massive pixel pushing power due to a huge 625Mhz and 16 pixel pipelines. Like the rest of the X1000 series the Radeon X1800 is manufactured with the new 90nm process taken onboard by ATI. This lower manufacturing process size gives great advantages to ATI and the end user. ATI can reduce the core size which in turn reduces the cost of each chip. Smaller chips result in the ability to run at higher frequencies and the signal has to travel a shorter distance. It also requires less power to run a chip which is smaller. All advantages to ATI but which are passed on to the end user with faster graphics cards, more efficient graphics cards and ultimately cheaper graphics cards.

Some of the more unsung reasons for having the fasters cards in your machine is the ability to use the advanced Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering features without having to lower the resolution or suffer frame rate drops while playing your favourite games. The X1800 not only provides upto the minute AA and AF effects but it [provides the power required to pull these technologies off without you noticing the performance hit.

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ATI Radeon X1800

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