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The Internet is truly portable

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We will start with internet browsing. The internet browser is one of the most used applications on anyone's computer. Being able to take all of your history, favourites and settings with you when your on the move can be  great help in work and a convenience in leisure.

USB Flash drives range in size from about 64Mb to 1Gb and over but any of these can easily allow you to use a portable internet browser. The portable browser we will be concentrating on here is Portable Firefox. Portable Firefox is a low file size version of Mozilla Firefox. Its very easy to install on your USB Flash Drive. Simply download the program from Portable Apps. Then install the program to your USB Flash disk like you were installing any other program to your hard disk.

portable firefox internet browserOnce installed open up your flash drive then open the Firefox folder and you will be presented with a list of Firefox folders and PortableFirefox.exe. After double clicking this icon your very own portable browser is launched. Initially it will be a new browser but after importing your favourites list it will be more like your own browser. The advantages of having a portable browser are numerous if you work on many different machines. The simple ones like having all your favourite sites with you where ever you go, as well as your recent history of sites visited. But also you have the advantage of not leaving your own history and favourites on the other computers. Some business networks for example won't allow the storing of cookies not even session cookies, which could mean certain sites are not useable. By having your own browsing loaded from a resource not connected to the network, you may be allowed privileges which otherwise would be denied.

Portable Firefox offers features such as tabbed browsing so you can have more than one internet site opened in the one window. Easier than filling up the taskbar with multiple windows of internet sites. You also get advanced security features and automatic updates to keep you up on the latest version and security features. Portable Firefox can be used just like you would use any other browser only now its your own personal browser.

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