So you got banned from pokemon go. 


The banning orders have begun. And all those with their ill gotten gains have started to have them revoked and those 3000cp dragonites have started to be removed from your local gyms. But this article isn’t about telling you all that. You already know that. What I’m interested in is why people felt the need to cheat in the first place.  I’m not a pokemon fanatic I haven’t watched all …

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PlayStation Plus May 2016 free games


The lineup for the PlayStation Plus May 2016 free games list has been announced, so its time for a selection of free games to add to your collection. Games are a selection for the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. This month features 3 games for the PlayStation 4, 2 for the PlayStation 3 and 2 for the PlayStation Vita. One of the games is available on Both PS4 and Vita …

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Games with Gold May 2016


Another month goes by and its time for a anther list of free games available for your Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Games with Gold May 2016 has been announced. As always to get the free games you only need an active Xbox live subscription and enough storage space on your device in order to download the free games. This month there are 2 games for the Xbox One …

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Rocket League Launches new Hoops Mode

Rocket League

Rocket league isn’t just playing football and hockey any more. Now basketball has made its way into the world of rocket powered cars. Launching today April 26th, an update will be automatically downloaded and will give you access to the new hoops mode. long with this update new flags will be available to purchase featuring all of the NBA teams. Plus a free NBA logo flag is added to your …

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PlayStation 4 system update 3.50

PS4 and controller

Here are the details of the recently released PS4 system update 3.50. This months update brings with it a load of social improvements as well as improvements to the remote play feature. The update was released on April 6th so its available to download and install now if you haven’t already. If it was automatically installed on your PS4 and you dont know what it has changed then read on, …

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The Division Controls and Controller Layout

Tom Clancey’s The Division controls for Xbox, PS4 and the default key bindings for the PC version. Your adventure starts as Division agents fighting a conspiracy, a man made virus and those that created the virus. The Division is a tactical shooter like all of Tom Clancy inspired games. This means that your health is important, you cant just go Call of duty on the game running and gunning everywhere. …

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Microsoft offers cross platform gaming

Xbox and playstation cross platform

Is this what many of us have been waiting for? The ability to play games against people on other consoles, is something I have certainly wanted for some time. for generations we have been buying multiple consoles as well as having a desktop PC. Not a real problem, if people want and can afford multiple consoles then there is no reason not to have them. The real pain though is …

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USB Type C – A new breed of USB


USB Type C is a fully fledged standard now and devices with this connection will be out in the shops. But what exactly is USB Type C and how does it differ from other USB connections. It was created at roughly the same time as the new USB 3.1 standard however they revolve around completely different things. The type of the connector represents the physical plug and its pins, wires …

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