Xbox One November Update

xbox one

Today is the release day of the November Update for Xbox one. We know they are monthly but this one is a little extra special than previous updates, because this is the one where your Xbox one will start to be able to play Xbox 360 games. Starting with Approximately 100 games from the Xbox 360 back catalogue each month more games will be added to the list of backwards … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Controls


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Controls for Xbox and PlayStation Assassins Creed Syndicate is the ninth instalment of the series, this iteration follows the paths of twins Jacob and Evie Frye. Set in London 1868 during the industrial revolution, the twins set out to fight against the established order. The crimed filled Victorian streets are the scene for AC Syndicate. Controls are similar to previous versions but do have there slight differences so … Continue reading

FIFA 16 – Game Controls for Xbox and Playstation


FIFA 16 Controls – Xbox and PlayStation Improve your FIFA 16 skills by knowing all the available controls on the game. Here we have the controls for basic movement, dribbling, shooting, defending as well as taking free kicks, throw ins and penalties. And don’t forget the goalkeeping. FIFA 16 Controls here are for both PlayStation and Xbox. FIFA 16 Resources Fastest Players Best Dribblers Best Defenders Best Overall Players Basic … Continue reading

FIFA 16 – Best Defensive Players


FIFA 16 – Top 10 Defensive Players This is the side of the game that a lot of the casual players forget. Defending is as much a part of FIFA 16 as it is real football, so whether your building an ultimate team, playing a career game or simply having a casual match against friends its still worth noting who are the best defensive players on FIFA 16. This list … Continue reading

FIFA16 – 10 Best Passers


The Best Passers of FIFA 16 We’ve looked at the fastest players and the best dribblers on FIFA 16, but that’s just one side of attacking football. You cant always just burst through with one player and take on the entire opposition, sometimes you need to unlock a defense with a pin point pass. So here is a look at the 10 best passers on the game. Player Passing Rating Overall … Continue reading

Games With Gold – October 2015


Another great set of games is available for free with your Xbox Live subscription. October brings you new games for your Xbox One and Xbox 360 via the Games with Gold promotion. Also many discounts are once again on offer with Microsoft’s Deals with Gold promotion, So lets have a look to see what you can get. Xbox One Xbox One owners have 3 available games to download at different … Continue reading

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox

Expansion 2.5 Pkg WW

Xbox Game drive by Seagate Despite the smallest Xbox One coming with 500GB of storage space, I’m sure many of you like myself are running low on available space. This is down to having plenty of apps to install, videos we have recorded and of course the games. Even games we buy on physical medie are required to be installed before we use them. This is because Blu-ray discs can … Continue reading

FIFA16 – 10 Best Dribblers


The Best Dribblers of FIFA 16 Following on from the list of the 20 Fastest Players in FIFA16 we now bring you the 20 best dribblers in FIFA16. Pace is one thing and can create a scoring chance on its own, but the ability to maneuver your way through a group of opponents with some silky skills should not be under estimated. Whether its done the wings or straight through the … Continue reading

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