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Unlock Very High Streaming Quality from Xbox One

xbox one

A few days ago we showed you how to stream games from the Xbox One to any Windows 10 Device. Allowing you to play all of your favorite Xbox One games on your PC, Laptop and Surface Device. Your Laptop for example doesn’t even have to be all that powerful, because all the processing is still done by the Xbox One. All you need is a decent home network and a … Continue reading

Stream your Xbox One to Windows 10


Sometimes its just not possible to use the main TV to play your Xbox One, for whatever reason (probably your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife is watching something you hate) and you need to find an alternate screen in the house to play your games. You could of course up plug your Xbox and the HDMI cable, all your accessories and cart them to another room and re-set everything up there. Bit of … Continue reading

COD Black Ops 3 – Multiplayer Beta


Well that time of year is approaching us again, the summer (what we had of it) is in its fading months and the hype turns to the annual release of the publishers big games. The FIFA’s and of course Call of Duty. This year we see Call of Duty race into the future will Black Ops 3. Traveling 50 years forward and looking at some of the advanced weaponry that … Continue reading

PS4 update 3.00 adds direct upload to twitter

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The next update to the PS4 console, version 3.00 is currently undergoing beta testing and some of the features are being revealed. The most exciting of which is the ability to post video clips direct to twitter. This ability comes in the form of a ten second video clip and can be from any game your playing on your PS4. Twitter does allow for 30 second video clips to be … Continue reading

Advanced google searching


Google search is a pretty easy tool to use from the get go, but we have all been searching for something a little more awkward than normal that means we end up searching through pages and pages of results until we actually get what we need. This maybe because the website is obscure or maybe because the words we are searching for appear for many types of websites, maybe the … Continue reading

Epson L355 EcoTank Printer


Epson L355 Ecotank breaks a long standing mold of inkjet printers. It does this by dispensing with the ink cartridge. Instead of the standard ink cartridge the Epson Ecotank L355 comes with an ink reservoir to not only hold more ink than a cartridge but its easier to fill and will reduce the cost of printing by being able to by extra ink in larger quantities and not having to … Continue reading

Battlefield Hardline Controls – Xbox / Playstation


Battlefield Hardline – Released on March 20th in the UK. This Battlefield version takes a new twist away from warfare and into the streets, with a classic cops verses robbers style game play. New additions to the title include ways to interrogate your enemies even in Multiplayer modes, giving you points for the move as well as being able to help out your team by getting vital information on the … Continue reading

Xbox Live Games with Gold April 2015


In April Microsoft is doubling the games in its Games with Gold Program for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. That means that Xbox One owners will get two free games this month and Xbox 360 owners will get a staggering 4 free games in April. providing of course that you have an active Xbox Live subscription. As usual the Xbox One games will be available for the whole … Continue reading